Why You Should Drink Water Over Coffee

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Why You Should Drink Water Over Coffee

Many times, while in decent cafes or restaurants, you notice that a cup of water is always served for coffee. Basically, water is served to expresso. Uninitiated people have several suggestions about this. Probably, you will be inclined to the versions described in the video below.

But if you are a well-read person, then you parry and say that this attribute came to us from the territories where modern Turkey is now located. This version is partially confirmed by the fact that in ancient Greece for the first time they began to taste coffee in Turkish with water. The coffee was bitterness, and there was a high fever outside, and a glass of water was brought to the guest so that he would quench his thirst after drinking an invigorating drink.

In modern Europe, this custom was restored in Vienna when Viennese coffee was served. Viennese coffee has a certain feature — it is very diverse. It is impossible to tell the waiter just to bring coffee, he will surely ask you a lot of questions, and you will find out that you have a choice of one and a half dozen coffee options.

The usual expresso will always be served with a small glass of water. Residents believe that a drink such as coffee should be washed down with cool, clean water to cleanse the receptors. So that every sip of coffee is again fragrant and refined.

If we examine this issue more deeply, then the use of water, in addition to cleansing the receptors, also affects the restoration of blood pressure, which rises after drinking coffee.

There is a version about using water to remove coffee dark plaque from teeth.

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There is also a medical version. She appeared recently and is often discussed. He has many supporters. You can familiarize yourself with it here, but read the article to the end. A surprise awaits you.

According to the authors of the idea — coffee bean consists of two parts: shell and core. In the shell is the same notorious caffeine. In the core is another element — theobromine. The first after drinking coffee, caffeine begins to act.

A person feels cheerfulness, a surge of strength and energy. In this state, the corresponding processes occur in the body as well — the vessels narrow sharply, except for the kidneys. The kidneys are actively working and blood rushes to them. You probably know such a postulate that coffee is a diuretic drink. Twenty minutes after drinking coffee, caffeine ceases to function and theobromine begins to work. You have heard little about this substance. It is the same alkaloid as caffeine.

In the process of its work, all vessels expand, but the vessels of the kidneys, on the contrary, narrow. You may feel, after some time after drinking coffee, how it begins to pull around your lower back. Therefore, to restore the normal functioning of the kidneys, you need to drink a cup of water after drinking coffee after 20-25 minutes, depending on the variety. Kidney activity will be restored.

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But…. In our “but” lies the main disagreement with this version. The fact is that there is no theobromine in ripened coffee beans at all. It is close in properties to caffeine, it is his sibling and is found in small quantities only in cocoa beans.

Therefore, in order to determine the naturalness of chocolate, the presence of theobromine is always examined. Its absence indicates that chocolate contains exceptional chemistry and that cocoa beans were not used at all in its production. In theobromine coffee — NO.

So, which version to choose about a cup of coffee with water — the choice is yours.

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