LAVAZZA coffee

LAVAZZA coffee — a luxury affordable for everyone



The day starts in the morning. Reluctantly waking up, especially on a cloudy morning, you always want to start the day with something good, positive. Think about a small cup of the most delicious and invigorating LAVAZZA coffee with airy foam and morning will be transformed immediately. Doesn’t this morning cup cheer up ….
If you are going to hold a business meeting, expect guests, want to retire with friends — in all these events treat your interlocutors with a cup of LAVAZZA expresso. Your ordinary meeting will immediately acquire new colors, become more comfortable and warm.

When you still need to conduct very important business negotiations, but you have practically no strength, of course, one of the oldest companies in Italy, LAVAZZA, which more than a hundred years from 1895, will bring a twist to every business or everyday meeting, will come to the rescue. Doesn’t this situation melt the heart of even the toughest negotiator.
Have you ever wondered who is behind this word LAVAZZA, who is transforming your day.

All this beauty and richness of taste was created by one person — Luigi Lavazza. At the end of the nineteenth century, when life was measured and routine, an ordinary Italian provincial guy acquires a small grocery store in the Italian city of Turin for all his savings, accumulated by long and hard work. Luigi Lavazza is the first to start selling not just individual types of coffee, but trying to mix and roast them. He gets unique flavor combinations that immediately make him famous, and coffee — even more desirable.

The next step, which made the LAVAZZA brand more famous and recognizable, was the introduction of a new revolutionary innovation by Luigi Lavazza — parchment packaging that could preserve the aroma of roasted coffee beans. After that, the specially purchased LAVAZZA van began delivering freshly roasted coffee outside the city of Turin. Such a logistics solution has made the business significantly successful.

The company had both ups and economic difficulties, which always coincided with global financial or military crises. But, in spite of everything, the company not only restored lost positions, but also actively conquered new ones.

The pride of LAVAZZA is the sale of almost 50% of its products in the domestic market of Italy, export accounts for 25% of sales. High quality products have already been evaluated in 80 countries around the world, where coffee is produced regularly, produced at four enterprises located in Italy and two more — abroad. The expansion of LAVAZZA’s marketing positions is ensured by its seven representative offices in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, and Austria. Currently, the company entered the Indian market through the acquisition of a controlling stake in Sterling Infotech group.

LAVAZZA is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9003. The high quality of products is also confirmed by several international awards. A specially created «Coffee Laboratory» is working on new flavor combinations. LAVAZZA conducts active international marketing activities, develops its production facilities, as well as a retail chain of branded cafes.

If you feel sad or just want to cheer up — just go to the cafe and join the big LAVAZZA family, because only everyone is equal in it and here you will see bankers and industrialists, famous artists and politicians, engineers and housewives.

After all, only LAVAZZA makes luxury affordable for everyone!

Certificates LAVAZZA

UTZ — the highest level of social protection and environmental safety in the production of coffee.

The Rainforest Alliance confirms that only green, ecologically certified certified grains were used in the production of coffee and they could not come into contact or mixed with uncertified.
ISO 9001: 2008 production process complies with ISO requirements
CODEX ALIMENTARIUS was provided to the LAVAZZA factory in Turin in that all risks for the end user are provided.
The CONFIDA certificate is granted to the LAVAZZA factory in Turin and testifies to the high quality of roasted coffee in comparison with the already established standards for vending machines.
The certificate guarantees that the LAVAZZA plant in Pozzilli meets all the requirements for processing raw materials of organic origin and is not mixed with uncertified raw materials.