How to choose a coffee. Coffee is a nice gift

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How to choose a coffee. Coffee is a nice gift

Almost all people consume coffee. Statistics of coffee lovers and connoisseurs is constantly growing. You can note this fact in your own city. New coffee houses are opening, passers-by are increasingly holding cups of coffee, vending coffee machines are installed everywhere.

обжарка кофе

However, drinking coffee does not mean understanding and understanding its taste. In most cases, people just buy coffee for the sake of the coffee itself, without much understanding of the nuances. Therefore, when buying, for example, coffee from street vendors, you notice that it is bitter, acidic and tastes very bad.

Why? The thing is that you pay for the title, not the content. Street traders, in the pursuit of profit, sell you low-grade grades, and sometimes — pure robusta, which in its pure form is almost never used. At a price you pay for 100% arabica, but in fact you get a low-grade product, and in fact — coffee waste.

обжаренное кофеное зерно

How to solve this problem. Probably start by sorting out a little coffee. To do this, it is unnecessary to take courses of barista — specialists in the preparation of coffee. Start simply by buying good coffee.

We recommend starting, for example, with famous varieties of coffee — for example LAVAZZA. Choose those blends that have long been widely known. However, if possible, do not buy it in your stores. Most likely, as practice shows, you buy a fake.

Please note that, for example, one of the most famous LAVAZZA blends — Lavazza Qualita Oro 250 UAH in a purchase in Italy costs between 3-3.5 euros. If you add here its transportation in Italy and further to your city, then the price can not be less than 3.5 euros. In our stores, according to our observations, it does not cost 4 euros. Therefore, it is a fake. Therefore, by purchasing such products, you simply throw money away.

When you purchase a real product from LAVAZZA, you will immediately understand why it has become a world famous brand.

coffee milk

Having tried this product, you will want to share it with your friends or relatives. THIS MAY BE A GREAT GIFT that will always surprise. Such a gift will suit everyone — and this is not a figure of speech. But to acquire it, you will need to spend some effort. Our practice suggests that it is best to order such a product through acquaintances who live in the EU or purchase it yourself while traveling abroad.

So we advise you.

We already wrote about Lavazza Qualita Oro on our channel and there is no point in repeating it. This is a great gift.

We would also recommend that you choose Lavazza Qualita Rossa or the Crema e Gusto blend.

Try to get to know our offers better and we are sure that some of the varieties will definitely suit you, and therefore — you will have at your disposal a unique gift.

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