Ground coffee Lavazza

Ground coffee Lavazza

The frog in the title photo is an emblem that you can often see on expensive coffee from Lavazza. It denotes a mark of quality and environmental safety, since the coffee grains that were used in this blend did not undergo chemical treatment at the growth stage, neither harvesting nor processing.

Before you start choosing Lavazza ground coffee, you need to find out certain points. The importance of this issue is that the taste qualities of the coffee you choose will directly depend on these aspects. The taste of ground coffee is affected by:

— the degree of roasting grains;

— grade of grain;

— type of grinding.

I distinguish four types of grinding: coarse, medium, fine, ultrafine (to dust).

The degree of grinding depends on your desire to get the specific taste of the purchased grains. Coarse grinding reduces palatability, while finely ground gives maximum flavor variety. Also, the degree of grinding affects coffee preparation time, as well as the selection of brewing equipment.

Coarse grinding is suitable for making coffee in coffee makers. Coffee in this case is not very saturated and may not fully reveal its taste. Brewing usually occurs in 3-5 minutes.

Medium grinding has a more pronounced taste and is suitable for coffee machines expresso, as well as other equipment (pouver, airport, etc.). Brewing usually takes 4-8 minutes.

Exclusively for expresso coffee machines, fine grinding is used, which is characterized by the presence of bitterness and sour aftertaste. Brewing usually occurs in 1-3 minutes.

To brew coffee in a Turk, as well as an aeropress or siphon, an ultrafine grinding is used, which leaves excess bitterness in the drink. Brewing usually occurs in 20-30 seconds.

Of course, to make grinding at home, you need to purchase grains, purchase equipment for grinding, and also spend time. And this absolutely does not guarantee you the correct grinding of grains in the desired consistency.

LAVAZZA came to understand this problem back in 1957, when it began selling the first ground coffee in special sealed packages. Consumers were distrustful of this new product, but LAVAZZA played on a temporary factor — it offered to save time for Italians to grind, which contributed to the start of purchases of this product. In addition, the company’s specialists determined the required grinding for different types of coffee, which, most likely, was an even more important decision than saving time. Today LAVAZZA company prepares ground coffee in special vacuum bags or cans. You can also choose the degree of grinding depending on taste preferences.

Name Grind
Espresso ground (fine grinding)
Crema e Gusto ground (coarse grinding)
Qualita Oro ground (medium grinding)
Club ground (medium grinding)
Qualita Rossa ground (fine grinding)
Gran Riserva ground (coarse grinding)
Decaffeinato ground (fine grinding)

Below we provide information about some varieties of ground coffee LAVAZZA.

Long known and loved by many admirers, the Lavazza Qualita Oro variety has a unique taste with a honey-floral tint, the so-called “Golden Standard” LAVAZZA. This coffee is made from the best beans of Brazilian arabica medium roasted. The grinding is medium.

lavazza qualita oro 250 (1)

Also known throughout the world and coffee number one among Italians Lavazza Rossa — is produced in ground form. The grinding is fine. This is a blend of top-notch Arabica from South America, as well as African Robusta. Such a unique combination gave the coffee not only an unforgettable aroma, but also a slight chocolate finish with a slightly noticeable bitterness. Coffee has an unforgettable golden foam.

Лавацца Квалита Росса Lavazza Qualita Rossa

For the preparation of Americano, experts recommend Lavazza Crema e Gusto Forte, also a fairly well-known blend. It is distinguished by the presence of a high level of caffeine, as well as roasting grains, which makes the taste saturated, and the drink — invigorating.

ground coffee Lavazza Crema e Gusto Forte

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Forte

Also a fairly well-known coffee brand developed by Lavazza — Bella Crema. Coffee consists of a blend of only high-quality Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America, medium-roasted. The taste of coffee is extraordinary, as it combines caramel-chocolate shades. Lavazza Bella Crema has a unique foam.

Lavazza Decaffeinato is practically devoid of caffeine, as it is produced using modern technologies, which preserve all the taste qualities of grain. This type of coffee is a blend of Robusta and Arabica with an average degree of roasting. The grinding is fine.

Lavazza Dek Gusto Classico

LAVAZZA has significant facilities for the production of both ground coffee and coffee beans. Roasting and packaging of ground coffee takes place at the LAVAZZA factories in Turin and Verres. The Turin plant is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, UTZ, has significant storage facilities, as well as computer-controlled production process.

According to the technological cycle, LAVAZZA coffee, which was first produced, is first shipped — this way the company guarantees the freshness of the coffee you purchased. The LAVAZZA factory in Verres is also famous for its more than 20 years of experience in roasting coffee. This is the second plant in Italy after Turin, which is certified according to EMAS (high environmental safety) standards.

In addition to these LAVAZZA factories in Turin and Verres, the production and packaging of ground coffee is carried out at the plant in Pozzilli. This plant has its own specifics — it produces, due to specially developed and applied technology, decaffeinated LAVAZZA coffee. The plant has all certificates of conformity of products and technologies to EU requirements.

LAVAZZA coffee — only the highest quality!

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