Exclusive rare coffee found

Lavazza Kafa Forest

Exclusive rare coffee found

It would seem that in our world everything has long been investigated and studied. Many expeditions have visited all corners of the world and there is nothing to surprise. But no. The reason for this is the person’s desire to be unique. Create and learn something new.

Today, the pioneers of unknown territories, it is strange, are large coffee companies. The thing is that, due to the specifics of the market, one must constantly be competitive, and, therefore, create more and more new blends of grains, which, sometimes, grow on different continents and different climatic zones.

Therefore, new expeditions are outfitting, and company experts plow hard-to-reach equatorial zones, where even if a person’s foot has stepped, they’re certainly not looking for coffee.

Many places where coffee grows are hard to reach and located high in mountainous terrain with a very humid climate. In such places, often, only the jungle grows and getting through them to the mountain peaks is very difficult. But why do people move there.

The thing is that on such wild plantations, Arabica coffee beans grow. The grains are very saturated, large and hard, as the air is discharged and there are practically no pests. Plants do not get sick and absorb all the fragrant notes of the environment, plants and soil.

Therefore, those who achieve their goals and overcome impenetrable thickets always get an unsurpassed result. This situation has developed with experts at Lavazza. After many years of expedition in the highlands of Ethiopia, new exclusive varieties of Ethiopian Arabica were found, on the basis of which a stunning blend of taste was created — this is Lavazza Kafa Forest.

Lavazza Kafa Forest will be a new step in the production of coffee, as the drink becomes unique, based on the process of collecting beans, their selection and delivery. This is one of the few varieties of coffee that are harvested in exceptional, from an environmental point of view, areas where no production activity has ever been conducted and nature has a pristine appearance. We hope that our information will be useful to you and, if possible, you can enjoy this unique drink — Lavazza Kafa Forest.

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