Counterfeit coffee. How to identify

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Counterfeit coffee. How to identify

We were prompted by many reviews on social networks from coffee sellers themselves to prepare this article. The fact is that even professionals who have not been in the coffee market for the first year cease to clearly identify fakes. The fact is that counterfeiters, getting superprofits, do not skimp on the purchase of high-quality printing and packaging equipment.

Therefore, at the moment it is almost impossible to distinguish a pack of fake Italian coffee from the present. You will be waiting for disappointment only after buying such coffee and unpacking it. Its very first appearance and aroma will say everything for itself.

кофе по турецки

But most people have never tried and don’t know what brand coffee they bought should taste. That is, they simply have nothing to compare with. In order to try the natural taste you need to buy a reference product, preferably in the country of its production, for example Italy. And only a few can do this — dishonest businessmen count on this.

How to try not to fall into the bait of counterfeiters, we will try to tell you.

As a basis, we will take prices for the top products of LAVAZZA, which are most often faked. Pictures, at our request, were made in a retail store in Bergamo Italy.

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As you can see prices are in euros. Everyone can easily multiply this price by the euro in your country and get a retail price. However, it must be borne in mind that Italians make a minimal retail margin on coffee. Plus transportation and the country of your stay, customs clearance, payment of taxes and, of course, the seller’s margin.

Now let’s look at prices in Italian online stores for one of the best-selling items — ground Lavazza Qualita Oro 250 gr.

We drive into the search engine — compra Lavazza Qualita oro 250 (in Italian), since the country of origin is Italy.

We choose a reliable source —, the Italian subdomain of the official Lavazza website. Retail price — 4.69 euros.

Another source Italian AMAZON — the price for two packages in one, retail — 7.99 euros plus 1 euro delivery in the country.

And now, for the sake of interest, let’s see what prices are in your stores or online resources, taking into account exchange rate differences.

As for Ukraine, the situation here is completely similar. The entire first page on delivery in online stores shows the prices for packing ground Lavazza Qualita oro 250 gr — within 3 euros with a small one.

In conclusion, we would like to give an example of how such a mechanism works in practice. Over the past year, according to feedback from sellers on the market, an online store, or rather a one-page Landing, for the sale of Lavazza coffee — has come into our view.

lavazza fake

The fact is that on the network the owners of the store selling high-quality coffee described a meeting with a representative and owner of this store. During this meeting, they clearly showed on his product that he was selling a low-quality fake. To which the latter objected that, thanks to his prices, he would soon squeeze all Lavazza sellers out of the market. On the site pay attention to wholesale prices.

In order not to be unfounded, we show reviews on the products of this businessman.

Given the expression, we do not publish screenshots. You yourself can familiarize yourself with them here —

Therefore, if you want to enjoy good coffee, we suggest on the Internet to ask about its price in the country of origin. We assure you that such a check will not be superfluous, and in addition, you will be prepared to ask relevant questions to network sales consultants.

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