Coffee with milk. But tea — absolutely not!

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Coffee with milk. But tea — absolutely not!

Many people wonder if it is possible to drink coffee and tea with milk. The answer of experts is this. Coffee can be drunk with milk, but tea cannot.

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Why. There are many resins in tea and they, being boiled in boiling water, actively stand out from tea leaves. You could often observe this in everyday life (applies mainly to men). Remember how at work, when you often drink tea, at some point you notice that the inner walls of the cup, especially when it is white, become dark brown or even black.

And this is extremely unpleasant neither from an aesthetic nor from a moral point of view. It seems like they drank coal or oil from a cup.

Remember the process of washing the cup. This is difficult, based on my own experience. Sometimes in order to wash it is necessary to use detergents and exert active physical strength.

So — wash it. And you imagine what is happening in the body.

All these resins and fats pass through the body and are filtered out in the kidneys, and together with milk there is a powerful symbiosis of these substances into a single stable whole, which, subsequently, turns into kidney stones, which you will not break with any ultrasound.

Therefore, the constant use of tea with milk leads to the formation of kidney stones.

tea milk

In addition, tea with milk is quite harmful to the digestive system and not every organism will be able to digest such a symbiosis. Tea with milk is also a conductor for the absorption of various fats into the body, which is also harmful.

German scientists conducted several studies on the effects of simple tea and tea with milk on the body. It turned out that tea with milk did not affect the vessels in any way, and the usual one led to their relaxation.

In this matter, scientists are unanimous that tea with milk is harmful. Drinking tea, black or green, is recommended with lemon and honey. Such conditions are optimal and beneficial for the body.

But coffee with milk is a normal product. This is delicious.

And for older people, drinking coffee with milk is even beneficial. After all, you get thanks to this drink also gymnastics for blood vessels.

At age, the vessels become lethargic and lose elasticity, especially in the morning. And when you drink coffee, caffeine tones up blood vessels, muscles contract and become not flabby and motionless, but elastic. In a word, as the Japanese say — gymnastics for blood vessels.

Take care of your health and do not mix different drinks without the appropriate knowledge, since the body’s reaction and consequences are difficult to predict.

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