Coffee Luwak. 1000 US dollars per kilogram

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Coffee Luwak. 1000 US dollars per kilogram

$ 1,000 per kilogram of coffee is certainly not a joke. He really exists. The name of this exclusive coffee is Kopi Luwak, which grows in Indonesia mainly in Bali, Sumatra, Java. If you read the article to the end, then we have prepared for you an interesting surprise.

We offer you more visual information about this product from people who have directly visited the plantations. The video shows the general knowledge of Kopi Luwak coffee. What else interesting is known about him.

Indonesian animals palm civet (musanga) at night out of the jungle, because they are still predators, and in the process of hunting go to the coffee plantation, where they eat exclusively ripe and the best berries of Indonesian coffee — Arabica. This is the first feature of the Kopi Luwak coffee — animals, by means of intuitive sensation and taste features, select only the best grains.

After they have eaten, coffee beans enter the stomach, where due to a special enzyme in the gastric juice — cibetin, peeling is carried out and the grain itself is processed. It is thanks to this process that the Kopi Luwak grains ultimately receive the taste qualities for which coffee lovers value them so much and are ready to pay a lot of money.

It should be noted that civet is produced in civet (animals) only for six months. Therefore, with a coffee plantation in the season you can get 50 kg of Kopi Luwak grain.

Further, the grain naturally leaves the body along with the waste products of civet. Only after this, the farmers look for the excrement of the animals and choose the grains of Kopi Luwak.

Next, the processing process begins. Studies of coffee beans showed that they fully comply with all consumption standards and do not contain hazardous substances for humans.

The grains are first dried after excrement, and then washed. Then they are again peeled, washed again and dried. Such a process occurs until the grains are completely cleaned of any hymen.

An additional feature of the subsequent processing is the sorting of grain. In most cases, it happens manually, given the small amount of grain obtained, as well as responsibility for the harvest.

In Indonesia, you can see many such farms where civet is kept in cells, and they are given complementary foods in the form of coffee beans. According to people who have directly visited such plantations, this is more of an attraction for tourists who are willing to pay big money just to see the process itself. The coffee you are offered will not necessarily consist of the finest coffee beans.

Wild plantations, where the main harvest of Kopi Luwak is harvested, is cultivated by wild animals. You cannot get such coffee on plantations at retail, as it has already been bought out and is shipped in bulk to the EU and Asia.

Therefore, if you want to buy real Kopi Luwak coffee, then you need to take one that is collected on wild plantations. It is he who will give you the joy of those sensations for which you are ready to pay so much money.

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And now our surprise.

If you think that Kopi Luwak coffee is the most expensive, then this is not so. The most expensive is considered to be Black Ivory coffee. This coffee grows only in Thailand. The fact is that in this case, elephants eat coffee beans, which also undergo fermentation in their stomachs.

Due to the special enzymes of gastric juice, bitterness disappears in the grains. They taste very soft, spicy and velvety. Such fermentation in the stomach lasts more than a day. Further grains are also collected in the excrement of elephants.

From 30 kg of absorbed grains, only about a kilogram of Black Ivory can be obtained. The cost of this type of coffee Black Ivory (Black Ivory) reaches 1,500 US dollars per 1 kg. You can taste this coffee only in several regions of Maldives, Thailand and Laos.

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