Coffee beans LAVAZZA

Coffee beans LAVAZZA

If you are reading this article, that, most likely, you have not yet decided on a specific grade of LAVAZZA coffee beans, which our online store offers. The thesis that the taste of a person is subjective and that which seems superficial to one may also be ordinary or even unacceptable to another.

Therefore, before buying coffee beans LAVAZZA you need to understand some features that will help you make the right choice. And the rest is a matter of your taste and experience. For our part, we will only provide the most interesting, from our point of view, information.

Robusta and arabica

Look at this picture.

arabica and robusta

Here you see two coffee beans — robusta and arabica. It is these two types that are the components of coffee in the form of a blend (mixture) or separately. Immediately pay attention to the features of these grains.

ARABICA — the most expensive type of coffee. The thing is that these grains grow on coffee trees in the special climatic conditions of the foothills or highlands.


The higher the level of growth of Arabica, the higher its value. This is due to the fact that in the foothills or highlands, the oxygen level sharply decreases and, therefore, grains mature better and have a more dense structure.

In addition, these grains have a low level of caffeine (up to 1 — 1.3), since the coffee tree does not have to produce more caffeine to protect against parasites, which is inherent in plain coffee. Therefore, both in the tree itself and its fruits, the level of caffeine is extremely low. Therefore, all the necessary nutrients are supplied to the fruit.

These aspects make arabica beans more saturated, firm and aromatic. The first and highest quality coffee is made from them. The main producers of such grain are Colombia, Kenya and Tanzania, which are imported by LAVAZZA in large volumes.

ROBUSTA — this type of coffee tree grows mainly on the flat terrain or foothills at relatively low altitudes. Therefore, given that the growing conditions are tropical, the coffee tree has to actively protect itself from pests by generating a large amount of caffeine.


Since caffeine, in essence, is poison, a significant amount of it in robusta reduces its taste and value.

The caffeine level in robusta reaches 3%. The taste is sourish. Robusta is used for blends (blends) of coffee with arabica or instant coffee. The peculiarity of robusta is that it betrays coffee to the fortress, and also creates a dense golden foam, for which many connoisseurs love coffee.

LAVAZZA has a very wide geography of coffee beans supplies from Latin and Central America, Africa and Asia, as well as North America.

It is this variety of coffee varieties that enables the company to create such a large number of flavors of coffee.


One of the important aspects that affect the taste of coffee is the degree of roasting of coffee. If the grains are undercooked or overcooked, they may completely lose their qualities. The market offers the following degrees of roasting: weak, medium, strong and higher.

Weak roasting is performed at temperatures up to 205 ̊ С mainly in relation to grains of elite varieties. After such a roasting, the grain has a light brown tint and sour taste.

Medium frying is carried out in a temperature mode of 210 — 215 ̊ С, while the manifestation of Pancake week elements is not allowed. Beans get brown light, and coffee is strong with a little bitterness and sourness.

At a temperature of 220º — 235ºС a strong degree of frying is produced. Coffee is a dark brown chocolate color. Due to the rather lengthy roasting process, oil yields appear on the grain, which provides a strong aroma of coffee. This degree of roasting provides a sweet-caramel aftertaste.

For the preparation of «espresso» the highest degree of roasting is used, in which the grains get an oily black color. Roasting is carried out in a temperature regime of 240º — 250º C. The taste is characterized by the presence of acidity. For elite varieties of coffee, such roasting is contraindicated.

lavazza qualita oro 250 (1)

Кофе lavazza qualita oro

In the survey of roasting grain, LAVAZZA is one of the most professional companies in the world, since it has been engaged in this process for more than a hundred years. In 1955, having already had sixty years of experience, the company acquired a coffee roasting plant in Turin, from which world coffee production begins.

A unique vertical conveyor was used at this plant, which made it possible to produce coffee passing from the sixth to the first floor. Today, the plant is equipped with the most modern and technological equipment and is one of the main production enterprises of LAVAZZA.

It was the skill of professionally roasting different types of coffee, as well as their non-standard mixing, that enabled LAVAZZA to create several varieties that made the company famous all over the world. So back in 1958, a mixture of coffee beans “Miscela Lavazza” was released, which is currently known in the market as “Lavazza Qualita Oro” and is a diamond in the LAVAZZA coffee assortment — the “Gold Standard”.

“Lavazza Qualita Rossa” and “Lavazza Qualita blue” were created back in 1968 and to this day these blends make the company recognizable all over the world. And Lavazza Qualita Rossa, according to market research, is Italians’ favorite coffee.

The Crema e Gusto blend was created in 1985.

Whatever continent LAVAZZA company has come to, despite various taste preferences formed by national traditions and peculiarities, everywhere it actively acquires its admirers, thereby expanding not only its fame and popularity, but also introducing subtle joyful notes of aromatic coffee to the inhabitants.

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