Coffee and Health

Кофе и продолжительность жизни

Coffee and Health

Remember — everything is useful in moderation! Drinking coffee has never been considered a sign of a healthy lifestyle. However, numerous studies and experiments, especially conducted in recent decades, cast doubt on the unambiguous negative impact of coffee on the human body. In most cases, these studies were conducted in the United States.

According to the results of the most ambitious scientific research, some of which have been carried out over a decade, scientists have concluded that coffee has a beneficial effect, primarily on life expectancy and the prevention of sudden mortality.

Scientists have proved that most diseases that lead to death before the age of 55 are caused by the presence of minor inflammatory diseases at a relatively young age of 25-30. They, in turn, eventually accumulated a special type of protein in the blood, which subsequently formed the development of severe diseases of the body.

Also, scientists have proved the relative beneficial effect of caffeine on life expectancy. Caffeine actively stimulates human brain activity, activates blood circulation. After consuming caffeine, the human body becomes more active and its performance improves. It should be noted that we are talking about the use of coffee without abuse.

However, scientists also found that the life expectancy of people who regularly consumed coffee was longer despite the fact that coffee was decaffeinated. Accordingly, coffee contains substances other than caffeine, which positively affect life expectancy. However, it is worth noting that the use of sugar and cream in coffee reduces its positive qualities.

Studies have shown that regular coffee consumption significantly reduces the risks of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, and cancer.

The studies conducted in Cuba were very interesting. The fact is that on this island a significant number of people who have crossed the line of 100 years. The lifestyle of the Cubans was investigated. Scientists have found that with a relatively poor diet, they actively eat natural coffee, and also regularly exercise.

In addition, all participants in the experiments were active cigar smokers. Of the 11 million people inhabiting the island, more than three thousand have crossed the 100th anniversary. The average life expectancy in Cuba is 77 years, and in some regions of the island it is more by several tens of years.

To summarize, moderate coffee consumption reduces the risk of many diseases, stimulates brain activity, is a strong antioxidant, improves metabolism, reduces the possibility of depression and improves memory.

Drink coffee exactly as much as you are not contraindicated, but remember that not all coffee is healthy. Coffee brought from another continent cannot be cheap. Be careful, because there are a lot of fakes and frank counterfeit on the market, which, at best, will be made from coffee waste, and at worst, artificially created mixture with the addition of chemical elements.

How to identify a fake we described in more detail on our channel.

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