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Our project coffee-eu.com is exclusively informational. This means that we do not sell coffee. We only talk about him. Two circumstances drove us to this project:
— just an incredible amount of fakes in our market;
— complete ignorance by the sellers of this coffee, as well as the absence of any understandable and truthful information.
We set to work, analyzed all available open sources and offer you our resource for understanding the taste of Lavazza coffee.


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Lavazza — this logo is known worldwide. He is also very popular in our country. We are not the pioneers of this brand and are not an online store selling coffee LAVAZZA. However, we — once having tasted the coffee of this brand — wholeheartedly loved it and want to attach you to it.
Of course, the main task of our resource coffee-eu.com is to further popularize the brand, its products, as well as new products. We will be pleased to share with you our impressions about the flavoring shades of different varieties of LAVAZZA coffee and, if you are interested, we will advise you on individual varieties according to your preferences. It seems to us that this is very important when, against the backdrop of such a huge selection and taste shades, we will help you save your money and offer you that specific LAVAZZA variety, which, according to our idea and experience, will satisfy you.

STRUCTURE coffee-eu.com
The structure of our resource, if you notice, is slightly different from the usual. On the main page of the lung, you can go to the section you need, namely — “Grain coffee”, “Ground coffee”, “Coffee in capsules”.
Next, you will see horizontal information panels on which a photograph of the packaging of a specific LAVAZZA coffee is placed, as well as primary information about it. When you mouse over any of the panels, it is highlighted and expanded. Here you will see more photos, get acquainted with more complete and detailed information about LAVAZZA coffee itself: variety, type of grain, flavoring characteristics, degree of roasting, grain size, level of cleaning, growing region, etc.

As far as possible, we will accompany each LAVAZZA coffee variety that is presented in the store with an original unpacking video, a detailed acquaintance with the marking on the pack, and also with the grain itself. You can visually see the size and shape of robusta or arabica coffee, and make your own conclusion about this coffee. Perhaps we will brew LAVAZZA coffee. The only thing we can not do is to convey to you its taste and aroma. Unfortunately, modern technical means will not allow us to do this.
We want to make your choice of LAVAZZA coffee as comfortable as possible.

If you are not a foodie and just want to pick up good coffee in a very wide assortment of LAVAZZA, but don’t trust other people’s advice, you certainly need to get primary information about coffee beans, their differences, specifics, taste, level of caffeine in beans. We will also try to talk about the proper brewing of LAVAZZA coffee, temperature, secrets and features. You can get all this and a lot of other information by reading our articles posted on the site. You can easily find them with the help of special tips.

We will also provide you with many interesting recipes that will help you bake delicious sweets. Coffee is a drink. However, as practice shows, and science also says, it must be consumed with sweets. We will not dive into scientific issues, for this there are separate and very qualified articles by knowledgeable people. However, let us add that by inviting your friends to visit and treating them to coffee, you will want to put on the table different pastries or cakes, as well as cakes. These are the recipes we will offer you. There are a lot of recipes. They are all different and are made up of different ingredients. All you have to do is choose the right one and try to do it. You can share your comments on our website coffee-eu.com

We, of course, are not professional barists who undergo many years of training and making coffee is their profession. However, our employees will share with Swami their rather rich personal experience in using LAVAZZA coffee and help you make the right choice.